Janette Griffiths


Now available on Kindle complete with the operatic soundtrack that carried my lovers, Rose and Leo through the story.

"Unashamedly romantic - crisp and witty," Hilary Mantel.



On a magically snowy evening just before Christmas, Leo dalla Vigna, one of the world's greatest opera singers has a brief encounter with Rose Lorenzo who is about to be married to the 'safe boyfriend' she has known for 10 years. She has just discovered Leo's world of grand, passionate music. She is both dazzled and unsettled to awaken emotions she hoped were forgotten forever. Leo is jaded, his career dreams feel tired and tarnished. He has decided to retire to his villa and revive his frozen marriage - until he meets Rose. Can they turn their backs on what they have settled for and pursue what they both truly want?




In Paris, that summer was one of the hottest on record. When Air France, chief purser, Nell Marchand learns that her pilot husband, Luc has been hijacked by environmental terrorists and that Luc had sold their home in Provence just before his disappearance, Nell is left to live out the summer in his hot, cramped bachelor pad on a Paris courtyard. There she will discover a whole new and unsettling community: Madamoiselle Marina, the Brazilian trans-sexual, who lives in the apartment downstairs and Mort Rosenblum, a disgraced  New York weatherman who has fled his country in the search of a Paris that Nell believes only exists in movies.